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Michaelis [mic-KAY-lis] noun

Three Houston-born, Nashville-bred, urban dwelling sisters producing a post-genre pop vibe glittering with Texan grit and southern stiletto sass An intense, reverberating cosmopolitan country sound that produces cinematic storytelling, sublime harmony, and expression of audacious attitude An independent force of unified friendship and family, which thrives in the spotlight, breathes on the stage, and experiences the world with an open heart and mind Performers, entrepreneurs, storytellers, and inquisitive minds

Meagan Michaelis
[MAY-gən mic-KAY-lis]

A wildly complex dreamer with an insatiable passion for experience and culture; dominated by intense wanderlust

Driven, athletic, and ambitious; constantly searching for answers, inspired by competition, and striving for perfection

Storyteller and lyricist; maintains a steadfast dedication for telling the truth and shining a light on otherwise underdeveloped emotions

A songwriter who permeates each song with authentic feelings, leader of vocals

Mallory Michaelis
[MA-lə-ree mic-KAY-lis]

An aesthetic visionary; one surrounded by classic and timeless inspiration within the modern world

Possesses an innate ability to provide peace, intervention, and sound direction; a producer by nature, always looking at the big picture and piecing the sounds together

Opinionated, compassionate, and independent; approaches life with honesty and grace, fearlessly tries to make the world a better place

Guitarist with a simmering, low voice smooth as honey

Madeline Michaelis
[MA-də-liyn mic-KAY-lis]

A sophisticated tastemaker; bombshell socialite that thrives in the spotlight and encourages the infusion of positive energy

Hostess and lover, one who takes care of other people and enjoys the experience of social gatherings

Sparkling, incandescent, and enigmatic; always sprinkling the world with her insatiable passion and glorious love

Multi-instrumentalist with a command of harmony and a whispering falsetto




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